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3 Ways You Can Become a Better Driver

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Car accidents are on the rise across the country. While cars are being built to be safer, the people driving them are getting more and more careless. With such a busy life, it is easy to zone out behind the wheel and let technology do the work for us. If you want to avoid getting into a crash, there are measures you can take right now to make the road a better place.

1. Turn Off the Screens

Cellphones have become the number one distraction for drivers. Cars are also equipped with infotainment systems. These are usually anchored by large LED screens that flash the names of songs, show GPS maps and give you up-to-date weather and traffic reports. Turning off the screens in the car can decrease the distractions of text messages, social media posts and emails. Tips provided by the lawfather in tampa florida may help cut down on distracted driving-related accidents.

2. Don’t Drive Tired

Did you know that driving tired and driving under the influence of alcohol have the same relative effect? Not getting enough sleep, whether you are a truck driver or just making your way from work and home every day, can spell disaster on the road. Nodding off, especially at night, can cause other cars to swerve into guardrails and oncoming traffic. Depending on the amount of sleep deprivation, you may drift into oncoming traffic or off the road entirely before waking.

3. Don’t Drive Impaired

Every adult enjoys a night out with friends, and this may include indulging in an adult beverage or two. Drinking and driving is never something you should do, even if it was just one or two drinks. If you get in an accident while driving impaired, you could face stiff penalties, including jail time. Knowing the lawfather in Tampa Florida may help if you get in such a jam.

All drivers should do their best to be safe on the roadways. While accidents do and will continue to happen, doing your best to cut down on your dangerous behavior helps.

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